Jenny Secret x Kawaii Lighting COLLAB


Kawaii Lighting and Nails on 7th / Jenny Secret / Jenny Queen of Bling Collaboration


Announcing our collaboration with Jenny the Queen of Bling!!! Jenny (@nailson7th) is best known for her incredible nail work and even has Cardi B as a long standing client. Read articles about her in Cosmopolitan, NY Times, and Vouge if you don't know who she is, look and BE AMAZED!



Blinged out Kawaii Lighting???


We wanted to reach out to the BEST bling person in the world for this collaboration, and since Cardi B and countless others trust Jenny for their bling nails... we are extremely lucky to have secured this collaboration and can't even believe we get to work with an amazing artist like her!!!
The first prototype was just completed, and we LOVE LOVE LOVE what we made!!! As you can already see.
We will produce these in EXTREMELY limited quantities, there is a waitlist already set up below. Blinged Heart lights will ship in time for the holidays (guaranteed by Christmas). Blinged Cat lights are available now and will ship within 5 days.

Real Swarovski Crystals

Each light will be blinged out with hundreds and hundreds of real Swarovski Crystals. Choose from Pretty Pink, Badass Black, and Clear Aurora Borealis crystals or choose SURPRISE and we will make the bling something truly unique and one of a kind that ONLY YOU will have.

How do I get one?!?!

Jenny Secret Blinged Cat Light: Place your order for the BLINGED Cat ring light below. Your order will ship as soon as it is ready (about 5 days).
Jenny Secret Blinged Heart Light: Place your order for the BLINGED Heart ring light below. Your order will ship in time for the holidays (guaranteed by Christmas).
Since this is a handmade customization there are no refunds, no returns, no order cancellations. Only order this if you REALLY REALLY REALLY want it. We know it's not for everyone, but you know if it's for you already hehe.

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