If you believe in our product like we do and want to partner with us we would love to work with you! Click here to sign up for the affiliate program. While you're waiting for us to confirm your coupon code (you'll know once you sign up), read about our program below!

Welcome to our amazing affiliate program! We want you to succeed along with us, so we have created an awesome partnership that awards commission for each sale you make. First, read through these FAQs below so you understand how this all works!


What are the terms of this program? if you sign up to be an affiliate with us and someone makes a purchase using your code at checkout, you receive commission off that sale! 

How to make sales? WITH YOUR COUPON CODE. Once you are approved you will receive your coupon code email. Then you can start sharing your coupon code to all of your followers to use at checkout.

What's the catch? There is no catch, it's actually that simple!

How to get paid? We track your sales through your coupon code so don't forget to tell everyone to use your coupon code at checkout. We pay out total commission monthly to each of our partners via PayPal using their login email.

Is this an MLM scheme :( Do I need to put money down? No, we actually try to stay away from those schemes because we don't want to take your money, we want to give you money for helping us promote! With our affiliate partnership, you put ZERO money down to join, and you make money with every sale. You are in complete control of marketing your affiliate code and can walk away at any time no questions asked.

! FYI !

Now that we got through the boring stuff... let's walk you through how this all works! Navigate to the Home Page (left column above "Instructions") and follow along...

The top section of your dashboard shows your affiliate code and your referral link

    • Your affiliate code is the same as your coupon code that you share with customers to use at checkout for 25% off. THIS CODE IS IMPORTANT BC IT HELPS TRACK YOUR SALES TOO.  
    • Your referral link can also be shared across all social media but it will not give customers the 25% discount, so we really encourage you share your coupon code

    How to share your coupon code:

    • Once you sign up, are approved and receive your coupon code email from us you can begin promoting your coupon code across all forms of communication! Your code not only tracks all successful sales to get you commission, but it also gives followers/customers 25% off if they use your code at checkout.

      Understanding your analytics

      Click on "Analytics" (left column of your affiliate dashboard) to track your progress as an affiliate. These terms below will help you understand your chart:

      • Visitor is a site visitor that clicks from somewhere else on the web to your website. We track the original source of this click (ie. affiliate, pay-per-click ad, blog post) 
      • Lead is someone who gives you their email address (ie. signs up for your free newsletter) 
      • Purchase results from a lead who purchases your product