What we do

Kawaii Lighting was born from one question: "why can’t tech be simple and cute?"

Today we are seeing a whole new generation of extraordinary content creators emerge that have literally taken filmmaking, photography, and storytelling "in house”. The problem is, ordinary traditional gear is often bulky and complicated to use…so we set out to change that!

We make professional gear for content creators that is simple to use, super cute to look at, and fits any mood! Now you can look and feel your best in your selfies, TikTok’s, live videos, and even zoom calls with Kawaii Lighting.

About the Founders

Lan and his co-founder started Kawaii Lighting in 2020, built on a shared passion for finding happiness through creating and helping others find that, too.

Lan, a seasoned entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, comes from a successful career in filmmaking and also licensed toy manufacturing.