♡Kawaii Lit Club♡

If you are excited about our products like us and hundreds of others, and want to spread the word (and make some money too!) we would love to work with you!

Click here to join the Kawaii Lit Club (the cool new name for Kawaii Lighting’s affiliate program)!

While you're waiting for us to review your application, you can read more about the program below.

NOVEMBER UPDATE: we have had a huge surge in applications and. are working on approving accounts! Thanks again for your patience - ♡Chloe

KAWAII LIT CLUB♡ The official affiliate program for Kawaii Lighting...everything you need to know! 


Step 1: we provide you with a 10% coupon code for your followers to use at checkout

Step 2: you promote your code across social media platforms in your own way and get paid 10% commission for each sale you make...that’s it!

We are so excited to work with our affiliates and can't wait until we have a steady stream of review units to send out to everyone; as our affiliate program has grown unexpectedly quickly we are coming up with creative solutions to work together. We may even send out occasional emails with specific promotional requests so be on the lookout for those...

Bonus points if you live in Los Angeles: we have some demo units we can loan out to you to create content in exchange for promo content...

If you have any questions about the program prior to applying please email chloemae@kawaiilighting.com and allow some time for her to get back to you! ♡