๐ŸšจImportant: Read Before Use


The heart microphone is a USB-C cardioid-directional microphone that is designed to be used as either a stationary unit or a handheld unit with or without headphones for recording or broadcasting audio. Please read the following warnings before attempting to handle or use your heart microphone:

  • Do not expose the microphone to rain, use it near water or in damp or wet conditions
  • Do not expose the microphone or its cables to any excessive dust or extreme cold or heat (including but not limited to: prolonged time in a car on a hot or cold day, or near a heater or radiator)
  • Maintain your microphone on a regular basis by checking for and removing dirt or dust that may accumulate on or around the microphone and its cable plugs and ports
  • Do not cover the microphone capsule/windscreenย with your hands