🤝Meet your Heart Microphone!


Introducing...the Heart Microphone!

💓Speak from the heart
This microphone was designed for you to speak from the heart, whether you are recording a podcast, live streaming or bringing some extra cuteness to your work call. 
💓Simple to use, cute to look at!
Your heart microphone is the perfect companion to help you achieve cuteness in your sound with ease. Whether your mic is on a stand, moveable arm, or in your hands you can guarantee to be up and running in seconds with our easy plug-and-play USB cable.
💓Quality we are proud of
Your heart microphone was built with cuteness AND quality in mind. We have been lucky to work exclusively with our manufacturing partner, EALSEM, who has nearly 20 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of microphones, to bring you this unique product.

What's in the kit?

Your heart microphone kit contains:
  • Heart Microphone
  • Stand/Base
  • USB to USB-C cable
  • USB-C to USB-C cable
  • Digital Manual Card

Product Diagrams 

Product Features

  • Cardioid pickup: hear what’s important with directional recording, leave the background noise in the background!
  • Easy Volume Control: adjust the microphone volume as well as headphone volume
  • Mute with a click: need to go on mute in a dash? Just click the volume knob and look cute while on mute!
  • Listen to you: add headphones to listen to the recording in realtime
  • Handheld or mounted: this microphone is prepared for all situations, stationary or run-and-gun
  • USB-powered: Whether your device takes USB or USB-C, this microphone is easy to plug and use!
  • Compatible with many devices: This microphone is compatible with devices that have a USB-C port, such as but not limited to, computers, mobile phones and tablets. Some examples include: PC, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone (for iPhone an official Apple "lighting to USB 3 camera adapter" is needed)

Version 2

Technical Specifications:

Microphone and Performance

  • Power Required/Consumption: Max 80mA
  • Sample Rate: 96kHz
  • Bit Rate: 16-bit
  • Capsules: Condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency Response: 50-20,000Hz
  • Max SPL: 120dB
  • Dimensions: height 18.4 cm x width 6.8 cm
  • Weight (microphone): 311.6g
  • Weight (stand): 309.6g

Headphone Amplifier

  • Impedance: 680Ω
  • Power Output (RMS): 125mW
  • Sensitivity: -40±3dB (0dB=1V/Pa, at 1kHz)
  • THD: ≤0.8%
  • Frequency Response: 50-20,000Hz
  • Signal to Noise: 66dB

System Requirements

  • iOS, Windows, Mac, Android, most USB Type-C devices. 

Version 1

Product Specifications

Power: 5V 80mA
Sample Rate: 48 kHz
Bit Rate: 16-bit
Capsule: Condenser
Pattern: Cardioid
Frequency Response: 50Hz - 20KHz
SPL: 80dB
Sensitivity: -38dB ± 1dB/0dB = 1V/Pa.1kHz
Distortion Degree: < 0.8%
Headphone Power: 125 mW
Output: USB-C (USB 3.0 and USB-C cable included)