Welcome Barbara Corcoran to Kawaii Lighting - Shark Tank

Welcome Barbara Corcoran to Kawaii Lighting - Shark Tank


💓🙌 Oh hi, Barb! 🙌💓

We are so incredibly lucky that we got a deal with THE Barbara Corcoran!!! As soon as we walked into the Tank and saw Barbara, I had a special feeling about her. Barbara is a tenacious businesswoman, and also super tech and social media savvy! We couldn’t have asked for a better fit in an investor.

We loved Barbara from the start because she showed genuine excitement towards us and our products, and we had a gut feeling that she would immediately be aligned with our business and our vision. Barbara has an amazing podcast and is a social media queen! Have you seen her on TikTok?! She uses ring lights all the time and truly understands the value in being seen in your best light. ✨

In fact, I found a quote from a recent interview with Barbara, where she explains how being prepared and well lit for any moment will make you stand out in a crowd:

“we…interviewed about 500 people... if someone had bad lighting, didn’t look in the camera eye, they weren’t even considered…not everyone has that experience or even knows to get a Ring light. But it’s a lack of preparation. I gotta believe that if someone really wants it they're going to find a way to not have that happen.”

We can’t wait to see where this new chapter with Barbara takes us all 💓✨💓

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