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Kawaii Lighting

Ring Light Travel Bag 20”

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Love & Light Overnight Bag by Kawaii Lighting 20” Heart Shaped PVC Vinyl Travel Tote Bag for Kawaii Lighting 20” Heart and Cat Ring Lights

Designed by Kawaii Lighting

With quality, cuteness, AND functionality in mind, this adorable heart-shaped bag fits your 20" Kawaii Lighting Heart or Cat ring light, light stand, and all accessories with room for more!!!

Pockets on pockets!!! Not only does our bag have a large inside pocket for convenient storage, but there are also TWO outside pockets for storing slim objects like phones for easy access.

PLEASE NOTE: these are handmade bags, each one is truly unique :) the nature of the material of the bag means there may be some scratches or marks or creases, this is normal. Ring light not included with this bag.