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Kawaii Lighting

Rose Gold Beauty Disk 30"

Rose Gold Beauty Disk 30"

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☀️🌹⭐️ The first of its kind ⭐️🌹☀️

Introducing the Kawaii Lighting Rose Gold Beauty Disk...finally, now you can be #KawaiiLit outside anywhere as long as you have our Rose Gold Beauty Disk and the sun!

This light reflector for photography and video will harness the power of the sun and convert it to pure and beautiful Kawaii Lighting for all your image needs.

Use it outdoors with the sun to erase the harsh shadows and get perfect exposure.

Take the hard sun light and make it beautiful and soft Kawaii Lighting with a hint of rose.

Use it indoors with your existing lighting to fill in unwanted shadows too!!!

It’s portable!!! Fold it up into the included protective carrying pouch and bring it everywhere.

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